Back to the future

ritorno al futuro

Let’s talk about the future… Oh no! Let’s go back to the future!

It’s here at last! Today Wednesday, October 21, 2015 is the real day that Doc Brown, Marty McFly and Jennifer descended upon Hill Valley, California in Doc’s DeLorean time machine.

But comparing the vision of the director, we can say that he travels a lot with one’s imagination! No flying cars, no drone that takes the dog for a walk, no skirt or trousers that dry themselves. All the innovations that we find in the movie are not arrived yet, and to be honest, we really don’t know when they will come!

The technological progress is very slowly.. 26 years is a very short time to create all the things we’ve seen in the movie, but obviously today something is changed … Every object – think of the telephone, the car, the wheels – has undergone an evolution over time, improving the functionality and usability, and we are prod to announce that also the professional wood fired ovens and professional gas fired ovens evolved.

This is the reason why we named our brand new range of products “Evolution “. We chose Host to present the new line. An international scene where every dish from anywhere in the world can be cooked with a Evolution wood fired oven!

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