Host – 39° International Hospitality Exhibition and Milan

host 39 milan

Alfa Pizza invites you to the 39th International Hospitality Exhibition in Milan from the 23rd to the 27th of October. Alfa Pizza will present its new line of professional ovens Evolution at Pavilion 7 – stand B52. Here you will find professional wood and gas fired ovens at work. A chef will be present to show how the ovens are useful in a modern day busykitchen. You will able to taste different types of pizzas and other exquisite dishes made right before your eyes in minutes. So, we will be waiting for you!

While in Milan, take the time to see the splendid city. Milano (Milan) is one of the main important city in Italy, known to be a commercial, financial and industrial center.

After visiting the Hospitality exhibition, take the time to visit and learn more about the city. Here is a short list with links of what to see and do during your brief stopover.

Italy is famous for art, fashion and cuisine. So while sojourning in Milan try some dishes from the Lombardy region that will make your stay a pleasure. There are many classic recipes of this region. Why not start out the meal with Ossobuco con risotto a meal with meat and rice, very tasty. If you don’t want to eat pasta the second dish you can try is the Spiedo Bresciano (Brescian skewers). The spiedo is composed of either meat such as pork, beef or birds such as thrushes or finches with potatoes. They are seasoned with melted butter or lard and salt. A nice side dish that can go with the skewers are the roasted asparagus. To finish the meal we can enjoy a nice piece of cake such as the Torta Bertolda which is made with wheat corn. Corn is an essential ingredient of the tables of Lombardy.

When coming back home why not try those dishes that you tasted while you were in Milan. The Spiedo Brescian and the Torta Bertolda will be easy to make with a wood fired oven. Alfa Pizza also manufactures wood and gas fired ovens fordomestic use. These ovens are high of quality and will make home cooking simple and a pleasure.

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