Hybrid, a boost for a professional oven


A wood or gas oven, the imperative is always to cook with flavor!

Until now, the decision to purchase a professional oven , was always influenced by the fuel to be used. Precisely for this reason, we started as usual in your shoes and we wondered what we could do to allow this, not an upstream choice, and then at the time of purchase, but directly into the kitchen just before turning out a delicious dish!

Months of research, studies, testing, design, and so much effort but we finally found the solution.

The novelty of Alfa Pizza is the hybrid kit , this small but super robust tool that easily lets you use wood, gas (methane or LPG)), as needed, without wasting time and energy. In fact, the high temperatures that are reached, in the blink of an eye, does not suffer any drop in the case of transition from one mode to another. Obviously, we could not think of one of the most important things in the kitchen, the safety of you and your customers, therefore the steel used to forge the kit is completely Nichel free then you will have no problem with the allergy. For you we thought not only of the safety factor, but also the usability allowing an easy handling of the product with the small pizza peel.

If we hear of the word hybrid above all in the automotive industry, today we decided to apply the same concept in the kitchen and we can confidently say that our kit is applicable to all professional gas ovens of the Evolution professional range that, in addition to combining design and perfection in cooking, have now definitely a plus.

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