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Host is knocking at the door.. and everything is getting ready!

After months of hard work, we are ready to present Evolution , our brand new range of professional ovens at the Host exhibition in Milan. This event is very important for us. A lot of people from all over the world will come and visit us at Hall 7 stand B52.

We have a long history of manufacturing and selling millions of wood and gas fired ovens. Now we have come forward with a new line ofprofessional ovens. They are durable and designed to save time and money for any restaurant or food truck owner.

Our aim was the creation of a wood or gas fired oven that should facilitate the operations of cooking, we want to let out the oven from the kitchen, the spectacle of cooking is something that today is required from the customers, and, for this reason, like a chef during the preparation of a tasty meal we took all the ingredients needed to prepare an extraodinary recipe:

  • A lot of results from our researches
  • All the ideas that we had during the time
  • ForninoxTM technology
  • The best designers
  • Refractory materials
  • Mineral Fiber
  • A lot of Passion

montaggio-stand-alfa-pizza-host-2015Everything was incubated for over two years and the results is “the Evolution of wood fired ovens “.

Giotto , Quattro pro top , Quick , Achille , Opera , and Quattro pro , these are the names of six our knights of taste.

This new professional range is characterize for:reduction in the consumptions, easy to use, zero time for installation and smart mainteinace. All the models are available both in wood or gas version.

But we don’t want to reveal all the details, we will waiting for you a tour stand for an unmisseable cooking show.

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