That’s amore design!

that's amore

And the web is still talking about us and our enthusiasm! Recently, the online magazine dedicated to the design world,Yanko Design, known throughout the world, has published our new professional peel holders a collaboration with the designer Dario Martone.

In pizzeria restaurant it is essential to guarantee and maintain maximum cleaning of the tools, that the chef uses, and that will be in contact with food.

From this reflection was born Puro , the professional peel holder designed to ensure hygiene, functionality and design to the world of professional food service.

Puro is entirely made of stainless steel, not paint nor bonding.

The adjustable bumper protects and separates the tools used for cooking from the wall avoiding that it could stain , while the hooks specially designed block the tools firmly.

The different heights of the bases are designed to convey three-dimensionality and soul to the final composition.

The elegant design, clean and simple, was adopted to better convey the concepts of cleanliness and hygiene.

For the same reason we chose the name PURO which in Italian means “substance that has not been altered or contaminated with foreign substances”.

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