The benefits of a portable professional wood fired oven for restaurants

portable alfa pro

There are many types of professional ovens but a portable professional oven is an oven that can solve many problems of the restaurateur or a pizzeria owner.

A portable oven with a stainless steel dome with an excellent refractory cooking floor which can be easily wheeled in and can be put in the kitchen in the right place with little expenses.

Instead with a brick and mortar oven you have to break the walls to install the oven thus causing new costs. If a restaurant has a balcony and the owner wants to take the oven outside all he has to do is detach it from the wall and attach a flue and wheel the oven outside. Here the oven will have another significance.

The customers will enjoy seeing a chef or professional pizza maker preparing the tasty dishes and they will also appreciate the romantic atmosphere it creates eating outside. A brick and mortar oven cannot do that.

The portable wood fired oven can also save the owner time and money. If he decides to change his restaurant locale and wants to open in another part of the city all he has to do is detach the oven from the chimney, wheel it out and put it on the truck for the new kitchen.

With Alfa Pizza professional portable wood fired ovens they are able to help the restaurateur in his needs and in his investments. To see the new line of professional wood fired ovens click on the following link.

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