The Real Italian Flavour in a restaurant and on the road!

food truck on the road alfa pro

Making the best pizza in London, this was the purpose of 5 Italian guys in UK who have started their adventure some years ago.

They’ve named their pizzeria “Sapore Vero” for a very good reason: translated from Italian to English it means “real flavour”, which is something that the guys of Sapore Vero strive to provide in every single pizza that they serve to the customers.

No industrial pizza at Sapore Vero! Just fresh ingredients locally sourced. And, to bake the real Italian pizza they needed areal Italian wood fired oven! Giuseppe and his team want everyone to be able to enjoy the real taste of Italian pizza both in their pizzeria and on the road, for this reason they chose Quick , one of the ovens of Evolution line of Alfa Pizza.

Satisfy all the customers around London, this was the aim of the italian team that said “Light, easy and fast perfect for the restaurant but also for the food truck, we fell in love with Quick and decided to buy another one and a Quattro Pro to increase our business”.

If you’re passionate about pizza we’d love you to come in and try the most authentic Italian pizza you’re likely to find in the UK.

Your search for the best pizza in London is over, because you won’t find a better pizza than the one served at Sapore Vero Pizzeria.

And you? What are you waiting for? choose Alfa Pizza for your adventure!

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