The show must go Oven

host 2015

Alfa Pizza presents Evolution

Technology, craftsmanship and passion: these are the ingredients of the Evolution, the new range of professional ovens made by Alfa Pizza. Following the success of domestic line produced with ForninoxTM technology, Alfa Pizza puts a spotlight on professional world.

Design and technology made up to ensure the best of cooking, Evolution combines efficiency and functionality. Ovens are made of the best stainless steel, which make up its robust structure and they are painted with a double layer of paint making them weather resistant. The refractory bricks with special mixture of clay are also able to reach high temperatures that is required in any professional cooking environment in a short amount of time.

Alfa Pizza has a long history of manufacturing and marketing wood and gas fired ovens. In its past it has sold millions and now has come forward with a new professional line of ovens. The ovens are durable and designed to save up time and money for any restaurant or any food truck owner.

« We thought about what could really need for the catering business. Catering is business, has already changed , and so it was necessary to think about something new”- says Mr. Andrea Lauro, marketing director of the company-“So we designed new products that cut down costs, easy to use and beautiful. Each oven is a furnishing accessories, so we have more than a kitchen appliance. What I am talking is about an evolution of wood stove, and for this reason we chose the name“Evolution”for this range and , also, this is the reason why we’ve selected HOST as a theater for the launch of this brand new line. Obvously the ‘show’ is the main ingredient of the theater, so“the show must go Oven ”this is concept of our stand. Oven and chef are the main actors of our scene for the showcooking performances. We strongly believe that the wood-burning oven is not only suitable for pizzerias – ends Andrea – for this, we aim to break the mold causing bistros, farms, beaches and many other areas may benefit from a product that offers the pleasure of traditional cooking with an innovative scent. »

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