With Taste Christmas is Pizza Gourmet churned out by Alfa Pizza

taste christmas

Last September, we wrote about the experience that we had at the Taste of Roma, a good food event. For three days, many people went to visit a magic location called the “Music Auditorium Park” in Rome to taste the exquisite and delicious dishes made by famous chefs.

Today we want to tell you something about Tate of Christmast.

Last week end in Bologna, there was at the theatre an event called the “economical gourmet”. In the center of the city at Palazzo Re Enzo there were many famous chefs that made savory dishes.

Today, “being gourmet” has become a civic imperative, and it is even more so at Christmas time, where you know, eating well is a must and none do not mind the saying!

For this reason, near the talented chefs it was necessary the presence of a fantastic professional wood fired oven, our Opera oven of the Evolutionline!

We put a lot of effort into cooking and baking the best to satisfy our hosts.

Pizza Gourmet, this was the name of the event, sponsored by Ferrarelle. The event last week was once again a real success, chefs and pizza makers came together to cook the best pizzas ever!

We are proud to have taken part once again in this culinary tour of excellence and thank you all for making formidable this taste festival.

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